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Rio de Janeiro, city of sport, city of culture, city of nature, city of parties ! You’ve dreamed of Brazil, Merci Rio realizes it and offers a huge range of services and activities designed to make your stay in Rio as pleasant as possible.

You want to admire the view from the Corcovado, enjoy a delicious brazilian coffee with a Maître torrefacteur, discover the Sugar Loaf on a Polynesian canoe, visit the Vidigal’s favela and its Dois Irmaos, jump in paragliding above the sea, chill along the Rio’s beaches by bike or climb the Pedra da Gávea, rain or shine, we offer an exclusive catalog of activities that you can book online at any time of your stay.

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2016 Olympic Games

Brazil hosts one of the major sporting events in the world in 2016. To enjoy it to the max and get the best prices, prepare it now with Merci Rio.



Need ideas to enjoy Rio de Janeiro ? Merci Rio offers some all-inclusive stays that fit your needs.

Private guide

Discovering the Rio’s hidden secrets is not easy. Our private guides will show you the other side of the “Cidade”.

Day trips

Some fantastic day trips organized for you to optimize the time spent in Rio de Janeiro.

Visits and culture

Discover Rio de Janeiro and its fantastic districts with our city-tours and our visits all-year-long.

Sports and sensations

Express yourself and discover all the sports that Rio de Janeiro offers to the travelers missing some action !



Merci Rio offers in exclusivity a wide range of speedboats, yachts and vessels with skipper to enjoy Rio and its coasts, seaside….


Browse the Rio’s jungle and its waterfalls and discover breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.

Favela tours

Walk along the typical streets of a Rio’s favela with your guide, by foot and safely.

Icon Merci Rio 4 BusinessBusiness and groups

Business, incentive, seminars or trade shows, Merci Rio and its dedicated project managers  will ensure you the success of your stay.

Photo  or video shoots, Merci Rio provides you some unique places to organize it.

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Dernières nouvelles du Brésil !

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Merci Rio wishes to bring you into Carioca culture. This culture is strongly influenced by the structure of the city, where chic neighborhoods and favelas mingle. 

In order to understand the richness and the diversity of the city, Merci Rio develops committed partnerships with local organizations, supporting the communities’ inhabitants. 

Casa Geraçao, in the heart of Vidigal, is our first crush.

This incredible fashion school welcomes young people from the favelas in order to train them freely in fashion design, modeling and sewing professionsNadine Gonzalez and her associate Andrea Fasanello, brought this project to life and get involved day by day in its development.

Their aim: highlight favelas talents and train young people, full of willingness and creativity. Discover their universe…

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